Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Baltic Amber Teething Necklaces

I often have people comment on William's necklace asking why in the world my son is wearing that and I just laugh it off and tell them that he is a very fashionable baby.   I don't tend to share about the amazing benefits of baltic amber very often because the response tends to be confusion and skepticism.  I must admit though, before I researched the topic and started using the necklaces on my baby, I had the same reaction!  I was desperately searching for something natural and truly safe to give my baby though.  When Wesley was a baby, he consumed so much Tylenol and Motrin, it's sickening to think about.  There were two times that Tylenol was recalled and I checked the numbers on our half empty bottles to find that we had the recalled medicine.  After researching baltic amber teething necklaces, I still wasn't too convinced, but what could it hurt?  Either it works and I would be amazed or it wouldn't work and at least I would have a fashionable baby! :)

1 month old William with his first teething fever (he broke his first teeth at 4 months)

The first time I used the baltic amber teething necklace on William was when he was a month old and had his first teething fever.  We got the necklace out and put it on halfheartedly not really expecting any results.  The fever appeared that afternoon and was gone by that evening!  Considering that fevers always go up at night, we were completely convinced that the necklace worked.  It was amazing to see our poor son go from absolutely miserable back to his normal, calm self.  The necklace has proved itself time and time again.  William has had a fever due to a cold twice and the necklace reduced the fever to a manageable temperature of just above 100 degrees that would still fight off his cold.  William is 10 months old now and has never had any man-made medicine.  Just breast milk and his baltic amber teething necklace!

2 month old William with his first vaccine reaction.  The water and baltic amber necklace calmed his symptoms.

Information about why baltic amber is effective - "Baltic amber contains 3-8% of succinic acid, a scientifically examined medical substance used in contemporary medicine. The highest content of the acid is found in the amber cortex--the external layer of the stone. Baltic amber is an organic substance, a “fossil resin” produced by pine trees which grew in Northern Europe - from southern regions of the present day Scandinavia and nearby regions of the bed of the Baltic Sea. The climate became warmer and trees started to exude big amounts of resin. Scientists say that amber is a fossil pine resin from this region that has achieved a stable state through oxidation. The active ingredient in Baltic amber is succinic acid, which it has been discovered that there is no risk of the accumulation of surplus amounts of succinic acid in the human organism." - Information taken from

4 month old William learning to sit up

Here's some information about baltic amber teething necklaces that will hopefully clear up some of the common questions.  First, the necklaces are meant to be worn under clothing so the natural oils from the baltic amber are applied topically to the skin.  These necklaces are not meant to be chewed on!  I recommend getting a light-colored and "raw" necklace that hasn't been polished because the highest content of the acid is found in the external layer of the stone.  In regards to the common worry about the necklaces being a chocking hazard, in between each bead is a knot so that in case the necklace breaks, only one bead will fall off.  The necklace is also meant to be tight enough that it shouldn't catch on anything, but if it does, it is made to break easily.  The necklace should not be soaked in water and be taken off before bath time.  Also, babies should never be left alone wearing the necklace, although let's be honest, when are our babies ever without us? :)

I recommend purchasing from Amber Artisans or Inspired By Finn - or - These two sources seem to be the most reputable.


  1. Shaun, adults do wear these! :) I actually just ordered a hazelwood and baltic amber necklace for myself this morning. Here's a link to men's baltic amber necklaces from Amber Artisans -

  2. I have a necklace, a bracelet, and a backlace for myself! I love my IBF amber for the kids and myself! It is wonderful!

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  4. I really want one for my 8 month old who is cutting her first tooth..naturally people start telling me they've been recalled (just like every other baby product um. .ever) is it true though? I could only find it in the UK. .